When the funk has been funking!

Hey! Welcome back to a very much overdue blog post

As I’ve decided to make my return to the blogging world after my hiatus, I decided to post about something we all get ourselves or can expect ourselves (me very much included) to be in after a while- The Funk

After watching Adella Afadi’s video about getting rid of the funk, I couldn’t help myself laughing but also cringing at all the relatable moments. I was definitely inspired after watching and new this had to be topic for my post.

The Funk 101:
So what is the funk?

It can be described as a rut, flunk or slump where a few bad days or one significant negative moment can affect your motivation, productivity or wellbeing. Or perhaps you can’t exactly pinpoint what it may be that caused you to be this way- I for sure was in this state, low motivation, low moods and low energy all the time, and I guess the transition from student life to adulting hit me hard, which proved pretty difficult.

When you are in the funk, or going through it, things that previously brought you joy just becomes a chore. Maybe there was a favourite activity that previously brought you joy and now the thought of doing so just make you want to do it even less!

Nevertheless, we will all experience that feeling when you feel, well just- bleh!
The funk isn’t a great place to be in, you feel burned out, bored, anxious, disconnected and less motivated to do anything. But I was overjoyed to know that I wasn’t just going crazy, and the funk is actually a regular thing that people go through. So how does one escape this funk?


The fact that you’ve clicked on this blog may be out of genuine interest surrounding the topic or you’ve recognised that you’re are in the funk and you are looking for a solution out of it!
I think with any problem, recognising there is an issue in the first place is always key to getting a solution.

For me, it took me a while to realise I was in a funk. I think the signs were having 0 motivation to do anything (the struggle to even write this blog post chilee), but also my room being a mess was a big one for me. You know how they say a room being messy is a reflection of what’s going on in the mind- and that was very much so.
Recognition is the first step

Start Small

I believe the saying is “Rome wasn’t built in a day” or something along those lines… You get the gist.
But that exactly applies to this tip, making sure to start small with each day as it comes. This could mean doing something new to make your day different, whether it be taking a walk, trying out a new recipe, watching a new show or movie. Something to spice up your day.

For me, I love making checklists for things I have to accomplish throughout the day. I can make it as relaxed as writing something like “make sure to think positive today” or it can be as detailed as “spend 30 minutes cleaning up your room”


Having someone to confide in about your funk can be really helpful. If you haven’t already, a therapist or counsellor would be a great person to confide in about your funk, especially if it is seriously affecting your overall health.

Confiding in someone who you trust but most importantly understands you is a massive bonus, as they would be there to help you get out of the funk and provide you with some options that could be beneficial.

Also, having someone there to just vent to can also be great, alot of the times our minds can be jumbled up with multiple thoughts at once, therefore having a friend there to help untangle those thoughts can be of great benefit!

Getting out of a funk can be very difficult, but with time it can be achieved, and you can be back to your original self in no time!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it encouraged you!

Stay blessed.

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