Adulting is the ghetto

If I don’t say these words at least every other week!

After I shut my laptop after yet another hard week of meetings, calls, meetings, calls and more meetings (throw another one in there why not, because that’s how it really is) I ponder on why I wished to grow up, be independent and work, and yet here I find myself saying those repeated words- Adulting is the ghetto lol

I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered adulthood, and I’ve still got a long way to go, so I may look back on this post in a few years and laugh, hopefully in joy because I took these tips that I’ve shared and it’s worked for my benefit, or laugh at myself as I realised I really thought I had managed to navigate adulthood early- boy was I in for a shock!


I always laugh at those posts that say “you breath in London, and £100 pounds comes out of your account”, because that is what it really feels like. With adulting comes responsibility and comes being more serious about things such as your finances. I knew that if I wanted to achieve certain goals, such as holiday destinations, large purchases or just overall savings goals- I had to be more strict.
One tip that has helped me is to create monthly budget spreadsheets on Excel to track your spending and budgets. Of course, if you have banks such as Monzo this is pretty easy, but otherwise a monthly spreadsheet to see where you are spending your coins can go a long way
I found this one that was really useful, and I must say you do feel really accomplished after doing them.


I’ve found that with adulting, you have to be way more intentional with your friendships, and fulfilling your duties. I always laugh at those memes of arranging to meet up with friends, and how it has to be planned out 3 months in advance- because in reality people are super busy!
I’ve learned that you have to be super intentional with keeping up with your friendship circle. I’ve never used my calendar more than I have in my life, and it really is a great way of navigating life in all it’s busy-ness
One thing I’ve learnt is to be understanding that with everyone pre-occupied with life, it isn’t always easy to meet and keep connections with friends so easily like when you were younger.


I must admit, at my big age I still get nervous when it comes to things like booking GP appointments and keeping in check all my medical records. One thing adulting has taught me is that you are solely responsible for your wellbeing, whether that be physical or emotional or mental wellbeing. You have to decide to take the big steps in life to improve your wellbeing. Your authorities around you may have a say in this, but taking steps such as seeking a therapist, counsellor or taking active steps to improve on your wellbeing shows you are really becoming mature and considering bettering yourself in every way.


I named this point growth, but also wanted to emphasis mindset too. In adulthood, growth and mindset can be defined in many ways, it speaks volumes when one has a positive or optimistic mindset due to the challenges that adulting can bring. You may plan ahead and you are going to face many setbacks, but it’s how you face those setbacks is what makes the difference. Someone with a fixed mindset, that they are the greatest will find it hard to recover from setbacks. But someone who has a mindset of growth and treats failures as opportunities stands a greater chance at bouncing back more beautifully.

All in all, I’m still learning to navigate adulting one step and one day at a time. I found these tips useful, and I hope they were to you!

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