A little bit about me…

So, I’m Efe Koomson. An enthusiast, a student and I guess what some may call an alexythimic! An aspiring teen from the diverse city of London who has a passion for writing and expressing my thoughts on general highs and lows of life. I’ve really had some experiences in life which have led me to the decision of just trying something new and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. SO, where did that leave me – I decided to start a blog. Hmm… what a decision
So, why the name “The Essence of Efe” eh? honestly speaking, I don’t really know. I knew I wanted my name to be creative and out there – something that’s never really used. I also knew that I wanted a word beginning with the letter “E” or at least to rhyme with my name. Once realising that my name is only three letters long and 2 syllables short, I guess I gave up on that simply unachievable dream ha ha
Then the word “Essence” immediately popped up into my head. Once rushing to google to find the definition for the word, I was more than impressed as it simply meant the quality and nature of something and that literally spoke words to me. Whether that might change or not lies in the hands of the future, but as for now I think the name perfectly suits my style.
Well, anyways here it is – The Essence of Efe herself bringing you an insight into my daily thoughts interests and written viewpoints on life. Read and become inspired!

8 thoughts on “A little bit about me…

      1. Aww thank you! I really like yours too and you’ve just started! I look forward to seeing more! Also i’m actually on abistake.com now so follow that site xx


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