Remaining in your faith as a teen

Hmmm, now this has been a deep struggle for me and I am certainly no expert at this. I can’t speak for all faiths out there, but I know it’s hard to keep praying and worshipping with that friend who can’t stop speaking about that new rave that’s going on around the corner from your house that just so happens to be on a Sunday!

But we are definitely not perfect. In this modernised 21st century, where life revolves around smartphones and homework, we ask ourselves where do we find the time to fit God in our lives?

This has been a major struggle for me over the time of this year and I’m honestly still working on it now. My life from Monday to Saturday is literally school, phone and sleep to be honest (and of course eating… gotta leave plenty of time for that!) so it is literally Sunday where I can really dedicate time to God and let go off what is on my mind. But here are a few things that has helped me to include my faith and helped me to remain in it at this stage of my life

The Bible App- Now this for me is literally a life saver. Ask yourself this – could you honestly go a day without peeking through all your social media apps and all your missed messages? You probably could… but it would be a very difficult 24 hours I guess. It’s inevitable, our phones are what we engage with almost every day. Its where we keep our photos, our messages and the secret stuff. So why can’t we keep God there as well? The Bible app is such a useful way of remaining in your faith as there are daily plans and daily scriptures you could read on the way to school or when your just out and about so you don’t just have to restrain yourself to the traditional Sunday.

Youth Groups- Now this may not work as much if you don’t go to a weekly place to practise your faith but for me it really helps! Having a weekly meeting with friends of your age and also of your faith helps as you can discuss things that all affect you in your lives as well as practise your faith together as your more or less likely to understand each other’s point of view from your age range

People- we all look up to people in our daily lives, whether that may be family members, friends or celebrities. If there is someone out there that seems to relate to you and still has time to remain in their faith- try talking to them! Ask questions about tips and advice you could gain from them as they are bound to have been in the same place as you are. They might share how they personally tried to remain in their faith at a young age and some of them may help you in your journey with your faith.

Remember, it’s not going to be easy but with time, you will be able to remain!


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