‘The act of restoring, renewal, revival, and reestablishment. The state or act of being restored. A return of something to an original condition. 

Truth is, I had no clue what to call this blog post, but the word restoration has been on my mind recently and I had to make sure it was related to what I wanted to talk about in this blog post before I titled it. 

I realised that is exactly how I feel and that is due to the period I just came out of. If you asked me to write about something positive or something motivational, I wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t know if it’s due to depression caused from lockdown, social media which is a huge factor that can trigger a range of emotions, or just one of those seasons where you feel just merrhhh I guess? 

Everyone has those phases huh? When you feel like nothing is working out greatly for you, when life just feels like a ton of bricks on your shoulders and the things that used to make you smile and laugh just doesn’t do the same thing? Yeah that kind of feeling. 

Tired Jet Lag GIF

How I began my journey back to restoration:

1. Bible Plan- Living Changed Spiritual Warfare by Changed Women’s Ministries

This plan came in handy when I realised, I was in a spiritual battle with the mind. The mind is a powerful thing and it controls a lot of what we do, say and think, because of this it is essential to make it the most positive place for you to be restored.This bible plan helped by analysing each way we can get out of our spiritual and mental battles, by prayer, worship and not letting the enemy take our thoughts captive. I realised that this was very beneficial for me and allowed for me to restore my mindset completely- no more spiritual battles for me!

2.Adding something new to your everyday

With us still being in lockdown, days can become very repetitive. But simply adding a new thing to ‘spice up’ your day can really help with how it progresses. For me it was watching something that really and genuinely made me laugh. Whether that be watching old episodes of The Fresh Prince or making sure to catch the latest jokes in my friends group chat, I tried my best to make sure the day was significantly different with that change in my day. 

3.Exercising patience
Realising that everyone goes through a season where they are just not themselves happens, that’s why I tried my best to exercise patience in this season and not try to get too aggravated over my current state. It takes time to heal from current situations, and knowing that God works in his own time also helped. 

This was a short and sweet one, but I felt as if I needed to share it!

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “restoration.

  1. What a lovely post, I think this year has definitely taken a toll on a lot of us mentally. I deffo have those days a lot more now than I did last year so I’ll be taking everything you’ve said onboard❤️

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