Where have i been?

Hey! Long-time no post 

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and a lot has been going on so I thought it would be best to give a quick life update – why have I been missing on here?!

New Chapter
So I have officially started my final year of university, being a finalist has really hit me hard, apart from the fact that I’ll be facing the rest of this last year in uncertainty of whether universities will close for good over the pandemic, virtual learning and dealing with life after university- I did deal with the fear of being a student again after being away for a year. I struggled with knowing that I’ll be experiencing uni stress again and that this time I will be alone for it more often due to current circumstances.

I would say a week or 2 before going back to university, It hit me the hardest- as in on the level of anxiety attacks!, I decided to fast and pray about it, dedicating it to God and by going through a ton of bible plans, I leant that we are just not in control of our life’s’ situation, but the one who is in control- is God, and since he is good, you can trust that our situations will turn out for good. 

Essence Interviews

On a more positive note, I branched out and hosted my first Instagram Live!! I was continuing my usual #EssenceInterviews and arranged to do it with Shanley Lewis, founder of Good to Me which is a self-care brand. However, I felt something push me to do an Instagram Live with her and she agreed. As nervous as I was, I’m glad I did it as we tackled many questions to do with student wellbeing. In our current climate, students are under immense pressure, whether they are freshers, or finalists or even post-grads. Learning in an environment where they are not used to and have never experienced is tricky, therefore I wanted to focus on how students can best keep their mental health and wellbeing in check 

Melanin Matters Live
Following on from this, I got invited to host a live event (virtually of course lool) for Melanin Matters. 
Dear Black Girls featured 3 amazing brands all owned by beautiful black women:

Christabel who owns Her Sana, a Non-Profit organisation providing black survivors of gendered violence with support, access to justice and counselling, also raising general awareness and making a change (@her.sana)
Amida who owns She Insures, as an insurance broker who gives advice on life, home, business insurance, critical illness and income protection (@sheinsures_)

And Ufuoma and Kay from You Can Sit With Us, a platform which helps to empower and equip black women in their area of influence or work

The live was so informative and educational as we spoke on topics such as building their bands, funding and budgeting and their passions and purposes behind starting up as black women. 

If you would like to view the live, you can watch it here – 

And that’s about it, some of the things I’ve been up to in my hiatus from blogging, although I won’t be as frequent on here due to final year taken up my soul, energy and time (silently cries), I will still be posting on here.

In the meantime- do check me out on Instagram! – essenceofefe 

Stay blessed and thanks for reading x 

One thought on “Where have i been?

  1. Take it easy girl! I can’t even imagine how it must be like being a university student in the midst of all of this uncertainty. It’s a lot but I believe everything will fall into place the way it’s supposed to ❤️❤️

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