Setting goals for 2021

Hey! Happy New Year

May this year bring all the desires of your heart, peace, joy and love!

It’s been a while since I came back with a new blog post!, whilst my mornings, afternoons and evenings have been spent cramming in knowledge for upcoming exams, I didn’t want to let January go by without a post discussing this year.

One thing I’ve learnt especially from last year was that you may make plans and set out how the year may go for you- however the Lord’s will ,will always prevail and supersede yours! *smiles through the pain*

At the end of the 2020, I made a rough vision board, not anything too detailed of what I wanted to achieve in the year of 2021, I even made an Instagram Reel about it and received so much love from it – follow me on IG if you don’t already @essenceofefe

The board included things such as graduating successfully, reading more books and seeking God’s wisdom more/making more wise choices. Now many would question why making a vision board is something you would want to do, I mean didn’t 2020 teach us that you may make plans to take that dream holiday or finally have that family gathering you have been planning for years, when it can all go to failure at the hint of Boris making his weekly announcement at 8pm? 

I would encourage you to not think so negatively! There is so much more to goals that involve physical actions, or actions that require you to leave your house- personal, spiritual, mental, and financial goals are some to name. For example, one of my biggest goals this year is to really delve into reading more. I began last year but I want to take it up a notch by reading at least 2 or 3 books in a month, it’s something I believe will help me get off my phone more! Also, I want to incorporate more self-care days into my week, I usually leave these until Sundays to relax and reset before the new week, but simply planning out my self care days can be beneficial as it can cater to how my week has gone overall 

And if you would rather delve into your creative side, vision boards are perfect for you! OR you can keep it classy and simple with a template such as this:



With you dropping a thought or two under each box when something comes to mind, if 2020 taught us anything it is definitely to work and focus on our mental and spiritual selves more than thinking about the outside world. 

What are your plans or goals for the new year? Whatever they are I hope you prosper in them!

Thanks for reading!

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