The heavy Bonds of







Constantly Leave Me Stuck…

I’m introverted and isolated from what God has clearly put before me

My mind has become strangled with the encapsulating expectations the world puts out before me

” Do well, succeed in life, try to ‘impress’ people “

But that “impression” doesn’t “impress” my mind and my thoughts

As I still miraculously fail to realise that these expectations build up and control me,

Leaving myself in my own shackles of loneliness

Which allows me to stray away from the only one that can set me free-


Yet I still manage to fail to realise

That God’s almighty hold, strength and favour can ease into these steel chains

That are strangled around my bare skin

And release me from this entrapment that leads me to my own pile of tears each night.

Because these chains are tight

And they keep on getting tighter

As I consume what society echoes out into the world

And I immediately follow

As if we are their robots

And they are the master of creation…

But there can be only one master of creation

The one that put me in this generation

To fulfil my expectations

And gain my celebration

Refusing temptations,

Accepting liberation,

I’m longing for that relation

With God

But I’m stuck.

I fail to realise that God

 The one who knew me before I was born has set a plan for me

Set out my destiny

Knows what’s best for me

Refuses to leave me in jeopardy.

So no longer will I be stuck in in these chains of shame and guilt,

but I will be free like the wings of a bird who soar in the sky

I will be free like the air that flows through my body

Like the river stream I will be free

So that I can declare that I will refuse

To be restricted to these bonds and chains that hold me today

But i will be released into a world where God takes hold of my every movement and word

That escapes my mouth

No longer will I be



The Art Of Spoken Word

Poetry has always been something that I can call therapeutic to me. The soothing sound of the words escaping from Maya Angelou or the strong stanzas of Keats dedicating his love for Fanny Brawn have me gazed upon how words can be put into paragraphs to have a powerful meaning…

Spoken word however has definitely caught  my eye. This form of creative is writing words based on feeling a topic or anything really and performing it verbally. I once found my amusement in spoken word the day famous spoken word artist Suli Breaks walked into my church to perform a workshop with us. He has been famously known for his spoken word pieces ” Why I Hate School But Love Education” and “I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate” which has received a combined view of  over 13 million views.

Honestly, when he said that were going to write our own pieces, I literally wanted to laugh as I thought a piece that attracts millions of views worldwide would have had to be written with some good thoughts and imaginative minds. But what I failed to realise was that spoken word is personal. It’s absolutely up to you. It could be about family, sports, religion or passion for a strong subject. As long as you’re able to relate words together and combine them into a verbal saying- you’re  good to go! my first ever spoken word piece written on that day was of a picture of hands who had been chained up, but now had been set free. Automatically I felt my hand could not stop writing. All my thoughts and emotions to do with that picture immediately turned into a page of rhymes and aesthetically pleasing sentences. I absolutely loved it

If you’re not familiar with Spoken Word or would like to have a better understanding of why its so pleasing to hear to me – Check out some of these! :