To my Anxiety

If I could write a letter to my Anxiety, what would I even say…

I’ve questioned myself about this as it came to preparing to write this blogpost on a topic that is very passionate and dear to me. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and I’ve been so invested in it at work I’ve realised I haven’t had the chance to ponder on the week myself and reflect on my experience with it.

I actually realised the theme this year technically says #tohelpmyanxiety but I decided on the title of this post before that so I’m sticking to it!

But if I were to write a letter titled ‘To My Anxiety’ I would probably start off with saying how I’ve managed to look at my wellbeing with a more positive light, a silver lining as many would say.

When it came to this week in previous years, I would often loathe in my low mood as I reflected on negative ways that I have dealt with poor mental health or anxious moments, the lack of eating, isolating myself, and the effect it had with my relationship with God.

This year thankfully, I have a more positive mindset towards it. I still get anxious moments here and there, I mean we all do, we’re human at the end of the day. The most important thing is that I have found a way to cope and manage with those feelings I get from time to time.

I’ve understood, being a Christian that God cares deeply about me. I saw a video the other day reminding me that He knows what we need even before we ask Him. But He still wants us to seek solace in him. I go to Him in all my anxious moments (after I have my mini panic attack of course lol)

I know everyone may not be a Christian, or be in a faith at all, and to be completely honest, there have been some moments when I may hear a scripture or receive an encouraging word and it may not erase the pain there and then.

Amongst the many phrases my mum uses, one of her favourites is “just give thanks/thank God”. It could be raining hellstones like crazy and my mum would still roll those words off the tip of her tongue. Goes back to my previous point about not wanting to hear those words at that time.

As much as those words would grind my gears at the very moment anxiety decides to spring up, I have learned to store those words in my mind and reflect on them when I decide that I want the upper hand against those feelings.

So, I would tell my anxiety that although in the past you may have gotten the best of me, but I can confidently say that I have got a good grip on managing those feelings from now, and I am looking at my wellbeing from a brighter side.
Let’s look at this week as something we can celebrate.

There are many resources out there about Mental Health Awareness Week, but here is one I have found useful!

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