2023 – I entered the year with vibes

The lyrics from Ayra Starr’s song ‘bloody samaritan’ is the perfect way to summarise the theme of this post. – “I’m feeling vibes on vibes”

But that describes the feeling or vibe I have entered this year with!

Overall, 2022 was a very good year for me – not perfect because nothing ever is, but overall good. At the start of the year, I made some goals, (4 precise ones) that I wanted to achieve throughout the year. I would say from July of 2022 I had pretty much achieved 3/4 of them and at the end of the year all of them were accomplished. That’s not down to luck – but purely the grace of God. God has truly been good to me!

I would say its pretty different for 2023, I haven’t set precise goals (this is partially due to a fear of thinking that 2022 was so good, 2023 surely can’t top that – a fear I need to get rid of because I don’t want to limit God!) I’ve entered with the mindset of taking each day as it, and as it comes. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go ahead and live my life willy nilly, but I guess the theme or the motto for this year is to take it easy and take each day as it goes.

I feel we live in a society, where there is pressure to have set goals in place and work towards them, everyone joining in an annual review at the end of the year and displaying their accomplishments and achievements – if they really made it through their goals. Whilst this can be very motivating and inspiring to see, I felt like I achieved most of my goals by just taking each day as it comes with it.

I didn’t have a time span for these goals, so I wasn’t like “I have to achieve goal A by July” I just made sure to work on them as each day goes, not putting too much pressure on myself when a month has passed by, and no significant progress was made on them. I guess it’s kind of similar to the saying ‘you will start to see results when you stop obsessing over them’ – that was the case!

So, this year, I’m doing just that – finding the balance between.

Happy New Year! Though I am always late in saying this, I wish all of you a prosperous, happy, joyful, blessed, lovely and fun new year!

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