A weekend away in Dusseldorf


Back in 2021 I wanted to go back to Germany after not being there for what seems like 10+ years! I loved how clean, open and refreshing the area was and I just knew that one day I would want to come back and visit again. But as you all know (I’m trying to refrain from using the word Covid on my blog anymore, so we’ll just use ‘The Rona’ for now) The Rona came and halted mine and pretty much everyone else’s plans.

But as Boris and whoever else is in charge of travel started to ease the restrictions, I thought why not seize the opportunity and pay Germany another visit, before they announce another strain has been discovered, and the horrors of 2020 come back to haunt us (Godforbid lool)

Whenever I go to Germany, I stay in Dusseldorf and Essen, it’s a less popular city of Germany, although it is the Capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state of Germany. I would like to explore places like Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich, but I think there’s a beauty in exploring the lesser-known places and outskirts. It’s also where my family reside!

I always forget that there are other Westfield shopping centres in other countries, and not just in east London! We took a stroll inside the mall and looked at a couple of cool shops that were there. And of course, the bubble tea addict that I am had to check for some bubble tea, we tried a brand called Goodtra and it was surprisingly good, I wouldn’t say as good as the one’s in the UK, but it was still decent!

One thing I noticed was how well organised they are when it comes to hygiene and protection. Restrictions are still pretty prevalent out in Germany, so you are constantly asked to wear masks in every shop, sanitise and show your health passes everywhere you go. As annoying as it can be sometimes, it reassures me that they are still taking caution.

Zoo Zajac:
We then went to Zoo Zajac in Duisberg, which currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest pet store on the planet, measuring in at around 130,000 square feet.
This was such a cool experience as there were some animals I had never seen before! The zoo had a really cool outdoor area where all the birds were uncaged, so there would literally be peacocks and hens running around your feet!
As well as being a zoo, it also serves as a pet store, I was unaware that it’s common for most households in Germany to have a dog or some sort of pet.

Baldeneysee in Essen:
My visit to Germany ended with a lovely walk around Lake Baldeneysee in Essen, the weather was really good so it attracted many visitors. I hardly get to walk around lakes here in London, so it was nice to get to the outskirts and have a walk around. The lake had many nearby cafés and shops so I definitely took advantage and tried to get as much German cuisine that I could get my hands on!

Again, even though we were outdoors, precautions were still in place which I was quite impressed with. Definitely something to consider when travelling abroad, other countries have different measures put in place, and some have no measures at all. So, it’s worth checking before you do travel.

Rhine Tower:
Our last stop was at the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), the tallest building in Dusseldorf. Of course, we went to the very top to capture the stunning views of the area. I guess you can compare it to the Shard, a very tall building with a bar and restaurant at the top and views looking all over the area. The views were beautiful as it overlooks parks, rivers and vintage towns. However, I do think visiting at night would have been better, as you would be able to see the city lights and the area really come alive with its nightlife.

Thanks for reading!

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