2018- New Year , New Me ?

So, 2018 is finally here! before I start- just wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year, it’s going to be great by God’s grace! But you know it’s a custom, that after every new year, people say the words “New Year New ME “or “My New Year’s Resolution is…” or “This Person Is Getting Left In 201…” , yeah the usual phrases and captions on Snapchat and Instagram. But how much of these captions actually count in the new year and how much of them really survive the year until the next, is it something that we just use to carry us into the new year or something we just use to be optimistic on social media ? it’s great to have plans and aspirations for each year, hey I look forward to my goals each year with a list of small things I want to accomplish myself, But where are we actually going with these things, what do these saying really mean ?

Now if you’re on social media then you would have probably seen these pictures posted around somewhere lool..especially on Instagram. I think they gained prominence in 2015 or so (I could be wrong, probably am wrong so don’t quote me on this) but it normally shows a girl either stepping into the new year with goals surrounding finances, jobs, love, family etc. Now it is absolutely great to be of high expectations in the new year, especially if you had a really bad year prior and you want to start afresh, however I was thinking to myself especially as we just entered 2018, that when we say these things, do we really remember them throughout the whole year all the way until December 31st of the new year ?

The thing is with new years resolutions is that we say them – “I’m going to eat healthy” and then by late February we are counting receipt after receipt of Nando’s, Burger King, Five Guys etc… Lool you get the gist. Then there’s also things like “trial months” where if the first month doesn’t go well it automatically goes into a trial month lool and the real month starts after. The truth is, changes and resolutions are hard to keep up with, especially if they are dramatic changes that will cause you to change a major part of your lifestyle. I guess its easier said than done, but to keep up with the “new me” phase really has to do with consistency, otherwise it just becomes words that enter our mouths without genuine meaning.

To end this on a good note, I do feel really optimistic for this year, not only for myself, but for others too. Its great to remain positive and its great to remain focused for this new year, I would just advise anyone to not be so strict with themselves about any new year goals, just do the best you can with it and the rest shall dearly follow, involve God in everything and all your plans will prevail. Happy New Year, Stay Blessed x

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