Yes, so it has been officially 3 months, 17 days, 10 hours and a few minutes since I wrote my last blog loool ( yeah I’m not great am I ?)

So where exactly have I been and why have I been so absent recently?, well as you know I’m a student and when it comes to May times, the words (exams, yeah the word is in brackets because it no longer exists in the world of Efe ) starts springing up everyday at school and that honestly has to be the main reason for my absence.

I honestly got overwhelmed with the amount of workload I had and I really had no time for anything including friends and mainly social media, it was a very long period and I thought to myself “maybe I can squeeze in a blog post here” but I realised since I had no free time, I wold have rushed the blog writing and it wouldn’t have been up to my standard of what I could create

I want to put effort and creativity into these blogs so I thought wouldn’t it be better to wait until you finish everything with school and then start fresh again with new ideas!

So here I am back again, with all the free time in the world, but it sure wasn’t easy, I started to loose hope on this blog due to inconsistency and not getting views, but I realised its better to have all the time focused on this rather than to rush a blog just for the sake of posting, just so I know I put in time and thought into the blogs

So yeah, that’s my main reason for not blogging for a while asides from other stuff too, but hopefully I can get back into my old blogging routine and get back to what I love doing the most !

Stay Tuned!

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