So you’re birthday is in lockdown?


Birthdays- ahh don’t we love them, the day where you can celebrate you and another year added unto your life. Last year I turned 21 and I still say to myself when I look in the mirror “girl you’re getting old!”. 

But one thing I can say is that it was honestly one of the best birthdays I had. I was really bummed about not being able to order a new dress, get my hair or nails done and look cute- after all where was I actually going? 

But I decided to still glam up, take nice pictures and still receive some lovely gifts from a few friends, here are some tips on how you can still enjoy if your birthday happens to fall in lockdown. 


Appreciate that this day is still special to you despite the restrictions put in place. One thing I did was to do was to still glam up a bit even though I was stuck at home. This included a full face glam, hair and even a new outfit. My brother is great at taking pictures, so I definitely booked in a photoshoot session with him and took amazing pictures. I know that in a few years’ time I’ll be able to look back on these pictures that I took and reminisce on the fact that, even though I couldn’t have the dream birthday I wanted, at least I still looked good! 


My motto that I live on! This day is just as important than any other, therefore doing what makes you happy should be a priority on this day! Whether that be glamming up like I did or cooking up your favourite meal, it is a day to treat yourself to the extreme! Make sure you do that special thing that will brighten up your day

I remember for my birthday, a Christian production group I am apart of (shout out Christ Like Creatives!) made a special virtual games night for me- and it was great, we played games and we also prayed together which I loved. I also received some birthday love from my home church which brightened up my day, I guess it’s the little things that count! Teams, Zoom or a cheeky FaceTime call with your favourite people is sure to brighten up your day and make it just as special! 

Treating yourself to a pamper day just because you made it another year round? Yes, make this a day where you level up your self care to the extreme. Taking a 1-hour bubble bath with candles and music? Do it. Spending the entire day indulging in your favourite book? Do it. Binging on some Girlfriends or Lupin (as that’s what seems to be popping off at the moment lool) DO IT! At the end of the day, you only get a birthday once a year, so you want to make it as special as possible.

And that’s it! A few tips on making your special day great. One thing I would like to encourage you with is that my last birthday, yes, the year I turned 21 was honestly one of the best ones, I laughed so much that day and didn’t feel stressed out about anything. I could simply spend it with my family. 

As much as it is very hard to do so, try to stray away from the constant news of what is going on in the world, and take time to focus on you and your wellbeing!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “So you’re birthday is in lockdown?

  1. I am excited over the fact that you did allow this lock down hinder you from creating your own celebration 🎉. Too many people are grieving over what they can’t do instead of getting creative. Last year I stayed home due to my birthday is in March. This year I have reserved an Airbnb in the catskills just for me. I will be safe, quiet and enjoy my 57th birthday 🎉.

    Happy birthday 🎉🎂


  2. Happy Birthday!
    I celebrated a milestone, my 50th this past November. Of course it would have nice to go out and paint the town red, BUT, I ended up having a birthday drive by with a few friends hanging around afterwards. I realized how special it is to have friends that want to help you celebrate your milestones no matter what the circumstance.

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