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So, at the ending of June till the ending of July, I visited Canada for the 2nd time (I had previously visited there back in 2015) and I went to the city of Toronto, its capital. So I’ve decided to document my thoughts, opinions and some good places that I went to!

Some background knowledge though, Canada has always been one of the places to visit on my bucket list. (amongst many other countries) I’ve always had a weird fascination about the country, you would think everyone’s dream is to go to America, but Canada is one of those countries that is hardly spoken of, mentioned in the news, it’s a chilled-out country really, and I’m fortunate to have relatives who live there so they were happy to invite me.

Toronto in particular is not that different in comparison to London, it has the same shops, entertainment districts and chill spots, just imagine London maximised by 10, the roads maximised by 10, cars, pavements, malls, tourist sites all maximised by 10 and you practically have Canada. The weather is the same, however their winters have been said to be really harsh in comparison to ours. So, it wouldn’t be much of a difference if you were visiting for your first time.

Spots to go:
Scarborough Town Centre AKA: STC. This is like the Westfields Stratford of London, it’s a really urban mall with loads of clothing shops and restaurants targeted for young adults and teens. This is located in the centre of Toronto, so it’s easily accessible by train (although Canada’s train system is pretty crap). So, it’s similar to Westfield as you can access it easily using the tube. I was mostly excited to go there as you all know there is no Sephora here in the UK (rolls eyes) so I spent at least a good 40 mins to an hour there just being in heaven. It’s an extremely fast paced moving mall with thousands of visitors coming every single day, especially during summer time with school kids coming to spend their day with friends.

Niagara Falls: Probably the most recognised Canadian attraction would be Niagara Falls, A huge waterfall located at the border of Canada, almost crossing into the US. It is simply a spectacular sight to see, and I also had the opportunity to go into the falls in a boat that took you round the perimeters of the waterfall, allowing you to get sprayed by the heavy mist the waters spring out. Accompanied by this is a range of hotels and streets filled with arcades and restaurants to make you enjoy your whole day, I must admit it is quite a pricy area, so you could end up spending so much without you knowing, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and any one going to Canada should go and see the falls.


Canada Wonderland: Canada’s Wonderland is very similar to Thorpe Park or Alton Towers here. It is a huge amusement park filled with famous rides such as the Behemoth and the Leviathan. As well as this, it has a massive water park for all ages. It’s a really great place to spend a hot day, as Canada can get quite hot at times. It’s best to go in a huge group as you are entitled to discounts, and it’s just more fun that way really! You can literally spend your whole entire day there and never get bored.

Well, this is just a short post about me documenting my travels in Canada, I hope to this with more countries as I go along my life, thanks for reading !

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